About Zolgoo Trusted Reviews

Zolgoo Reviews is a community for Customers to leave reviews based on the experience they have from businesses.

Zolgoo focuses on Communication between Businesses and Customers, Zolgoo.com makes it affordable for Businesses to respond to Customers;An affordable way for Companies to Respond to Customers who leave reviews.

*Customers Leave Reviews based on their experience with a your Business .

*Businesses show customers that they care by responding, on Zolgoo a Business can respond to Customers

*Businesses can Display Reviews on their websites, which shows Transparency and greater customer experience

This means New Customers can see that as a business you care about your customers and if they have any issues after placing an order it would be dealt with.

Our services: Our “services” consist of the Zolgoo business account, the review services, and any other services that we provide.

Company / Business profile page: If you want access to our services, then you or someone on your behalf needs to claim a business profile page on our platform. 

Free plan: By claiming a business profile page, you will be given access to a business account, through which you can use all of the services provided in our free plan. You may use these services unless and until your business account is deleted by you or access to it is terminated by us.

Subscriptions: If you subscribe to one or more services that are not included in our free plan (a “subscription”), then you will also be able to access these services through your business account. The following points will also apply to you

Search for your Business and Claim it, If your business is not on this platform it will be a good idea to Sign up and Add your Business by creating your Business Page, and proceed to claim it. You can sign up at www.zolgoo.com

It's Free to Sign Up and Add your Company so you take control of your Business.

To Claim your business and respond to Customers see plans available in the Pricing section 1 Month, 6 Months or 1 year.

Advantages of Zolgoo 

Show reviews on your Website via embedded code (copy fromyour Profile and paste on your website) 

Consumer review increases conversions and rankings of SEOs

Respond to every review. 

Manage your Company

Email Notifications when someone posts a new review to your company

Add your own company description

No ADS on your company page

Premium Company Listing

Reply to reviews in the name of your company


Why Choose our Monthly Pricing Plan? 

Zolgoo ensures the voice of the customer is heard and acted upon 

With the world’s leading brands and retailers trusting Zolgoo technology, services, and expertise to drive revenue. 

Zolgoo technology provide the tools brands and retailers need to extend reach, and gain loyal advocates. 

Consumers make informed purchasing decisions by seeking out authentic reviews. 

 Our engagement on the platform gives you total control to collect, display, and distribute your reviews at a global scale. 

Zolgoo enables Customers to Inspire confident purchases with Ratings & Reviews and more.

Embedd your reviews to the world's leading retailers so you are able to gain new shoppers.

Product Launches :

 Kick off product launches with reviews on day 1. Use the voice of your customers to pull in more traffic. And win new customers by expanding into new markets worldwide. 

Skyrocket your product sales

Leverage your customers’ authentic opinions, to boost sales.

 Display your reviews collected via Zolgoo.com on your site and watch Shopper confidence and conversion, Greatly increase. 

Launch Your business with Reviews on Day 1.

Collect user-generated content to ensure a successful product launch. We’ll connect you with a targeted community that thrives on generating content, and help you scale their great content across your product pages and retailers.

We make it a lot easier for you 

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