Trustpilot alternative: Looking for the best Trustpilot Reviews alternative?

Zolgoo is a fast-growing, community-driven consumer review platform. The platform for businesses helps companies from all over the world proactively collect customer reviews. It's the customers who write both product and seller reviews, keeping it third-party verified.

Zolgoo deserves to be on the alternative business review websites list. A platform where you can create a profile account for your business or company and customers can place their reviews. Zolgoo is user friendly and also allows you to a direct conversation with your customers and respond to your customer reviews and comments, a little bit like TrustPilot, through there is more control and accessibility. 

Zolgoo is an all-in-one marketing platform for multi-location businesses to help them deliver the best customer experiences in every step. This is an automated platform that uses data and advanced tools to collect reviews, convert leads, run surveys, text customers and provide referral benefits to the same. Zolgoo assists business to be found by potential clients by consistently trying to gain engagement with them. The platform provides various means to connect business with customers, besides periodically forwarded reminders about individual products. 

Zolgoo has over 30,000 companies currently on the trusted reviews platform and cost a lot less than most others. While there is a basic version for free, the paid versions let you create customizable review invitations, share ratings and reviews on social media, and link review data to your internal business systems.

Also, you can out the reviews from your company profile on your company website using an embedded code on your Zolgoo company page.

Zolgoo reserves the right to remove reviews without any notice according to their policy. It insists that it always makes a positive effort to obey the law and its published policies to ensure that only authentic and efficient reviews remain on the website.

Companies are allowed to respond publicly to reviews, or report a review as invalid if they believe it violates Zolgoo’s user guidelines or they have no record of the reviewer as a customer. When a company reports a review, it is automatically replaced with a message indicating that it is being assessed. If the reviewer does not provide the requested information to Zolgoo within some days, Zolgoo might remove the review.

Zolgoo provides a 360° view of all customer-related interactions, enabling brands and companies to offer the most accurate, efficient and consistent customer experience. Organizations can forward mobile invoices via simple text or email and allow customers to pay online at any time from anywhere. Its dashboard feature facilitates detailed monitoring of individual feedback and team performance, in order to guarantee a positive experience at the customer level.

Zolgoo is making major moves and is termed as the best consumer review platform in the current internet world. It is now a preferable platform and is the best alternative for TrustPilot.

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